1907: Original Littleton Hospital under construction

History of Littleton Hospital

Littleton's Hospital: Preserving Its History is a means of sharing the story of this great institution. Our goal is to give you an idea of the forces that came together in the early 20th century to form a community hospital in Littleton. Incorporating in 1906, the hospital opened its doors to patients in 1907. These webpages feature some of the physicians who spent most of their career at Littleton Regional. They showcase the Littleton Hospital Training School for Nurses. They honor the great contributions of the "Women's Board", known now as the Littleton Regional Healthcare Auxiliary. They document the hospital's growth. They reveal the hospital's impact to the North Country. We are grateful to Linda Ford, longtime medical librarian at Littleton Regional. Over the years, she organized the hospital archives. These provided the foundation to create these webpages for the world to see. We also thank many who shared their story, giving life to this project.

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